About Us

“We exist to make women feel confident, strong, sexy and elegant, and believe in the inherent style and power of women.”



Women are multi-faceted and so are their journeys. As a brand, we believe that our role of supporting women should go beyond simply helping them look and feel their best. 

Shoppaypay is a timeless culmination of refined luxury – fresh. modern. quality.

It is a lifelong determination to create enduring, luxurious, and sophisticated designs with attention to thoughtful detail, superb craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials. Diligent attention to fit and a tradition of excellence for fabric emphasize masterful quality over quantity – style uncompromised by comfortable luxury.

Shoppaypay is a single evolving collection, just as every wardrobe naturally transitions and evolves. Each piece is alluringly personal, designed with versatility for the individual. Proudly woman-owned, the Shoppaypay Collection is defined by a style of new modern classic for the woman who approaches style with ageless confidence uncomplicated by passing trends. She is explorative with worldly curiosity and an adoration for life. Her effortless style requires fresh sophistication that is versatile and uncompromised by practical comfort.

Welcome to Shoppaypay.


Step into our boutique, where you can experience the collection. Like walking through your own closet gallery to best illustrate how pieces individually mix into an entire wardrobe. Our family of stylists are there to help you find your best fit in style that makes you feel your best. It’s time for quality – because you deserve it.